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Costa degli Dei on a boat in Tropea

Explore the Costa degli Dei: A Paradise for Unique Events and Boat Excursions

The Costa degli Dei, a breathtaking 55 kilometer strip along the coast of Calabria, extending from Nicotera to Pizzo Calabro.

This coastal strip, known for its breathtaking sights, is home to some of the most beautiful locations of the Mediterranean.

Among these, Capo Vaticano stands out. Renowned for its crystalline waters and beautiful beaches of fine sand. Tropea, the jewel of the coast, it seduces its visitors with its historic village and white, sandy beaches, meanwhile Parghelia offers an idyllic scenery with a serene and peaceful atmosphere. Zambrone and Briatico complete these magnificent (locations/trips) with their enchanting beaches and turquoise waters, gifting unforgettable experiences in one of the most beautiful coatal strips of Italy.

This area, renowned for its idyllic beaches and crystal clear sea, offers a unique experience for those looking to organise boat events or simply enjoy a relaxing boat excursion.

The unrivaled beauty of the Costa degli Dei

Also known as “Costa Bella”, this area is celebrated for its scenic beauty, with breathtaking views of the Aeolian Islands.
Discover the unparalleled charm of the Costa degli Dei, where golden beaches alternate with jagged rocks, picturesque bays and a deep blue sea. From Nicotera to Pizzo Calabro, every corner of this coast tells stories of ancient divinities and offers dreamy views.

Why Costa degli Dei?

The name “Costa degli Dei” evokes images of a paradise on earth. Legends state that long ago it was the home of the Gods, who were attracted by the land’s indisputable natural beauty. Every location along this coast offers purely magical corners, ideal for those who want to rent a boat and discover coves accessible only by sea.

noleggio barche ed escursioni a tropea
Tropea: A Pearl within the Costa degli Dei

Unforgettable Events on a Boat

Tropea, is a gem in the province of Vibo Valentia, and a must for those who visit the Costa degli Dei. Known for its white beaches and majestic cliffs, Tropea divides its beauty between the upper town, rich in history, and the Marina, vibrant and full of life. According to legend, it was Hercules who founded Tropea, a place that today enchants with its white beaches and clear waters, perfect for a boat excursion.

La Costa degli Dei is not just a destination, its an experience that remains engraved in your heart. Be it through a boat trip, a special event, or simply strolling along its shores, this Costa Calabrese promises unforgettable memories.

Explore Tropea with the Experts of the Sea

Our expert skippers will guide you along the coast, sharing secrets and anecdotes that make each event unique. You will discover hidden corners and breathtaking views, every moment enriched by the knowledge and passion of our guides.

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